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  • Dr. Bott is a board Certified Rehabilitation Counselor and a board Certified Case Manager. Dr. Bott is licensed to practice rehabilitation counseling in the State of Louisiana. He is also a Licensed Professional Counselor.

  • Dr. Bott has more than 30 years of experience in private rehabilitation counseling practice. He has steadily worked in the field of rehabilitation counseling since 1975. He entered private rehabilitation counseling in 1981 and in 1988; he founded Thomas E. Bott and Associates Inc.


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Our Services


Case Management
We handle all aspects of coordinating patient referral to medical services such as physician appointments, second medical opinion appointment, physical therapy appointments, functional capacity evaluations, imaging facility appointments, hospital in-patient facilities and out-patient facilities. Read More


Medical Document Retrieval
We will contact medical facilities - such as physicians' offices, hospital medical records departments  and physical therapy and imaging facilities - as needed to retrieve medical records. Read More


Medical Document Summaries and Recommendations
We review and summarize large amounts of medical documents and develop rehabilitation case management for vocational rehabilitation plans. Read More


Patient Appointment Scheduling
We schedule appointments for patients with treating physicians, second medical opinion physicians, physical therapists and functional capacity evaluators, imaging technicians, lab technicians, hospital in- and out-patient facilities and more. Read More


Medical Test Scheduling
We schedule and coordinate patients for any type of medical testing including lab work, x-ray imaging, MRI, CT scans, functional capacity testing, physical therapy evaluations and any other types of medical testing. Read More


Second Medical Opinion Scheduling
We schedule patients for second medical opinions with physicians of appropriate medical specialties. Read More


Facilitate Independent Medical Examinations
At request of patient, patient attorney, defense attorney or insurance claim adjuster, we retrieve medical documents and forward them to the independent medical examining physician to expedite patient independent medical examination. Read More


Vocational Rehabilitation
We provide a full range of vocational rehabilitation services to patients that include: Review and summary of medical documents, Patient assessment interviews, Administration of vocational aptitude and interest testing, etc. Read More


Job Analysis Services
We provide on-site, in-depth job analysis of the patient's previous job. Our reports address job duty modifications and/or workstation modification recommendations. Read More


Vocational Testing Services
Our vocational testing services include administration of vocational aptitude and interest tests useful for the identification of alternative occupations, job placement assistance or for patient referral to vocational training. Read More


Job Placement Assistance Services
These services assist patients with acquisition of suitable jobs in the patient's local job market. Patients are provided with information about job openings. Read More


Vocational Training Assessment, Training Assessment Reports and Patient Referral
If appropriate, patients may be assessed for their potential to succeed in specific short-term vocational training that would lead to a suitably rewarding and satisfying career - as well as improved earning capacity after disability.   Read More


Litigation Support
Our counselors are prepared and available to provide case management and vocational rehabilitation expert testimony during legal proceedings including depositions, hearings and courtroom appearances. Read More


Social Security Disability
Patients that are appealing previously denied Social Security Disability Insurance claims to the Office of Hearings and Appeals may benefit from vocational expert witness testimony at their appeals hearing. Read More